Total Home Security Tip Series: Setting Your Alarm

IMAGINE walking into YOUR home and coming face to face with a burglar! AHHHHH! Having to deal with a burglary can be a horrible thing to deal with. This is why we have released this Tip series, to give you tips on protecting your home.

Expect The Unexpected - Shoplifters Using Their Kids!

When it comes to shoplifting, there are no rules. That is why companies should expect the unexpected.
Here are 2 examples of people using their children as a tool for shoplifting!

Family Thief Using Their Son for Shoplifting


Man Using 6 Months Daughter For Shoplifting


Video: Confessions Of A Burglar

This ex-burglar drives around town to show you what he is looking for in houses he will target. He also shows how easy it can be for a burglar to break in and find all your valuables.

Would Your Child/Grandchild Let A Stranger Into Your Home?

I'm sure that your kids/grandkids have been told many times not to open the door to strangers and don't talk to anyone they don't know.
I know this video is from the USA, but see what happens! It could happen just as easily here in the UK.


How To Calm A Dog During Fireworks

Bonfire Night can be a stressful time for a dog, which can cause peculiar behaviour.
45% of dogs are estimated to be afraid of fireworks, which the RSPCA have said that this is backed up by the number of dogs that run away during firework season. 
This video goes through some do's and don'ts of caring for your dog during fireworks


When CCTV Systems Catch More Than A Burglar

CCTV is great to catch burglars red handed, but sometimes, it may catch something a bit . . . supernatural. This video shows 5 creepy encounters on CCTV.

Remember, sleep tight, turn your CCTV on tonight.


Number 5 - Dover Castle England Ghost Sighting

Number 4 - Ghost Caught On Tape At Saddle Horn Bar

Number 3 - Ghost Sighting England

Number 2 - Ghost Caught On Camera In Japanese Car Park

Number 1 - Ghost Caught On Tape In Florida Cemetery

The 12 Security ‪Tips‬ of ‪Christmas‬

It's Christmas Eve and you have a surprise visitor. Unfortunately, he is not dropping off presents. No, he is taking them! Somebody will be opening your presents and that somebody won't be you if you do not protect your home from the Christmas burglar! 

Luckily, The Fuzion 4 team have an early Christmas gift for you. Here are the 12 security tips of Christmas.

The First Tip Of Christmas, Fuzion 4 Gave To You 
Keep Gifts Out Of Sight - Don't keep Christmas presents in places where they can easily be seen from outside your home.

The Second Tip Of Christmas, Fuzion 4 Gave To You 
Ensure Your Home Looks Occupied At All Times - You can do this by leaving a radio or light on.

The Third Tip Of Christmas, Fuzion 4 Gave To You 
Ensure All Doors And Windows Are Securely Shut And Locked - REMEMBER outside festive lights with their wires running through a door or window can make it difficult to make your home completely secure!

The Forth Tip Of Christmas, Fuzion 4 Gave To You 
Unattended Parcels - If you have done or are doing your ‪xmas shopping online this year. Make sure someone is home to receive the deliveries and don't give permission for them to be left on the door step.

The Fifth Tip Of Christmas, Fuzion 4 Gave To You 
Dispose Of All Packaging - Never leave packaging outside your home; you will just be advertising to a burglar what fancy, new items you have gained over the festive period.

The Sixth Tip Of Christmas, Fuzion 4 Gave To You 
Never Keep The Receipts With The Presents – Never throw unwanted receipts in the normal rubbish shred them instead.

The Seventh Tip Of Christmas, Fuzion 4 Gave To You 
Have Someone Keep An Eye On Your Home -  If you’re going away for longer than a day, ask a neighbour or relative to keep an eye on your property. This could just be by taking the post in and opening and shutting the curtains for you. By doing this, it can help prevent any unwanted attention from prying eyes.

The Eighth Tip Of Christmas, Fuzion 4 Gave To You 
Cancel Deliveries -  If you are going away avoid making it obvious by cancelling milk and paper deliveries. These can easily stack up outside; making it clear no one is home.

The Ninth Tip Of Christmas, Fuzion 4 Gave To You 
Black Out - Switch off Christmas lights and other electrics when you're not home, to eliminate the possibility of fire.

The Tenth Tip Of Christmas, Fuzion 4 Gave To You 
Blow Candles Out - Never leave candles unattended in the home and make sure they're not positioned on flammable surfaces.

The EleventhTip Of Christmas, Fuzion 4 Gave To You 
Social Media Advertising - Avoid sharing too much information about your Christmas and holiday plans on social media. If you decide to post pictures be careful, ‪‎burglars could be using these sites to identify potential targets.

The Twelfth Tip Of Christmas, Fuzion 4 Gave To You 
Consider ‪Home Security - If you don't already have one, consider having an intruder alarm installed. Burglars tend to go for the easy option, so an unprotected home will stand out against those visibly alarmed.

Our final tip is to enjoy yourself and have a happy Christmas from all the team here at Fuzion 4!