Holiday Security – looking after your possessions.

Once we leave the home and start that journey towards fun and frolics, it’s easy to switch off to the issue of security, but one moment of lapse can cause much upset and leave you with a negative memory of what should be a fun time.
What we've done here is list out some of the points to consider whilst away to help ensure you come back from your holiday with smiles of good times only.

Airport and Luggage:

Long stay parking – if you’ve placed your car in long stay parking, make sure the car is empty, especially the inside which is visible. Remember that means your GPS device as well if it’s removable.
If you are leaving the car with at a secure parking company, only leave the car key with them. Don’t leave the house keys on the key ring.
Don’t place your address on the outside of your cases. If you do use an address on the outside, use a work address or place where you know you will be readily identified.
Don’t leave luggage unattended at any time.
Locking your luggage – TSA (Travel Sentry Approved) padlocks are the best option because the airport security should be able to open them with special tools and then replace them, should they need to check inside your suitcase. Check before you pack what is and isn’t allowed, as this can save a lot of upset at a later stage, if you find you’ve taken something not allowed on the plane. excellent info on what you are and aren’t allowed to take on the plane. You should also check with the specific airline you're using in case they have any rules of their own.

At the Resort:

Passport and money:
The first step is to read up about the country and resort or location your visiting, to know what to expect. In general it’s best to only carry a little money with you if you are out and about, that way if the worst happens, you have something to give, but you don’t lose too much.
If the hotel or your room has a safe, make use of it but if no safe exists, then ideally keep it in a money belt or somewhere not easily removed by pick pockets.
Waterproof pouches should also be considered especially if you’re likely to end up getting wet at any point. A few other things you can do to help yourself in case of Passport theft are:
·         Take a two photocopies of your passport and leave one with a friend and keep one with you, but not with your passport.
·         Make a note of your passport number, place and date of issue.
·         Scan a copy and email it to yourself, to enable printing out in an emergency.
·         Take a second form of photographic ID if you have one.
·         Be wary of anyone asking you to surrender your passport, such as car hire – make sure the request is legitimate.
·         Before you take your holiday, make sure your passport is valid for at least 6 months beyond your return date.
If anything is stolen, report it immediately (within 24hrs) and get a written report.
Avoid keeping travellers cheques and passports in the same place
When changing money, have the right money ready – avoid showing a large wallet full of money.

Pick pockets:
In many countries pick pockets will operate in areas where they know tourists are abundant, so remember to keep purses and wallets well hidden from view and handbags closed.
If someone bumps in to you – immediately check your pockets – money, phone, passports etc. Remember those that are good at this will seem so genuine and it will all happen so quickly that you may not even consider that you’ve just lost your purse.

Mobile phones / devices:
The first question you should ask is do I really need to take it with me? If the answer is yes, then consider what your holiday consists of, especially if you’re likely to be playing on the water (Sea or Pool) while away. Waterproof pouches exist, but it’s not a bad idea to make sure it works before using it for the first time.
Hotel safes would be another place to keep them, but if you need to take them with you, keep them out of sight as far as possible.

Return Trip:

Look into the regulations of that country. You may find that they have different rules in their airports. Make sure you don’t try and take anything on the plane which is not allowed. Some countries are stricter than others and some of the fines could certainly ruin an otherwise great holiday.


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