The 12 Security ‪Tips‬ of ‪Christmas‬

It's Christmas Eve and you have a surprise visitor. Unfortunately, he is not dropping off presents. No, he is taking them! Somebody will be opening your presents and that somebody won't be you if you do not protect your home from the Christmas burglar! 

Luckily, The Fuzion 4 team have an early Christmas gift for you. Here are the 12 security tips of Christmas.

The First Tip Of Christmas, Fuzion 4 Gave To You 
Keep Gifts Out Of Sight - Don't keep Christmas presents in places where they can easily be seen from outside your home.

The Second Tip Of Christmas, Fuzion 4 Gave To You 
Ensure Your Home Looks Occupied At All Times - You can do this by leaving a radio or light on.

The Third Tip Of Christmas, Fuzion 4 Gave To You 
Ensure All Doors And Windows Are Securely Shut And Locked - REMEMBER outside festive lights with their wires running through a door or window can make it difficult to make your home completely secure!

The Forth Tip Of Christmas, Fuzion 4 Gave To You 
Unattended Parcels - If you have done or are doing your ‪xmas shopping online this year. Make sure someone is home to receive the deliveries and don't give permission for them to be left on the door step.

The Fifth Tip Of Christmas, Fuzion 4 Gave To You 
Dispose Of All Packaging - Never leave packaging outside your home; you will just be advertising to a burglar what fancy, new items you have gained over the festive period.

The Sixth Tip Of Christmas, Fuzion 4 Gave To You 
Never Keep The Receipts With The Presents – Never throw unwanted receipts in the normal rubbish shred them instead.

The Seventh Tip Of Christmas, Fuzion 4 Gave To You 
Have Someone Keep An Eye On Your Home -  If you’re going away for longer than a day, ask a neighbour or relative to keep an eye on your property. This could just be by taking the post in and opening and shutting the curtains for you. By doing this, it can help prevent any unwanted attention from prying eyes.

The Eighth Tip Of Christmas, Fuzion 4 Gave To You 
Cancel Deliveries -  If you are going away avoid making it obvious by cancelling milk and paper deliveries. These can easily stack up outside; making it clear no one is home.

The Ninth Tip Of Christmas, Fuzion 4 Gave To You 
Black Out - Switch off Christmas lights and other electrics when you're not home, to eliminate the possibility of fire.

The Tenth Tip Of Christmas, Fuzion 4 Gave To You 
Blow Candles Out - Never leave candles unattended in the home and make sure they're not positioned on flammable surfaces.

The EleventhTip Of Christmas, Fuzion 4 Gave To You 
Social Media Advertising - Avoid sharing too much information about your Christmas and holiday plans on social media. If you decide to post pictures be careful, ‪‎burglars could be using these sites to identify potential targets.

The Twelfth Tip Of Christmas, Fuzion 4 Gave To You 
Consider ‪Home Security - If you don't already have one, consider having an intruder alarm installed. Burglars tend to go for the easy option, so an unprotected home will stand out against those visibly alarmed.

Our final tip is to enjoy yourself and have a happy Christmas from all the team here at Fuzion 4!

They Can’t Steal What They Can’t See

100% success rate in foiling burglary – does such a system exist. The simple answer is yes it does, so how does it work? Again simple it just makes all your stock become invisible to the burglar. Watch the short video to see how it works.

The trouble with burglary is it’s not just the stock they steal (which is covered by insurance), but the time you lose sorting everything out, the money you have to find before the insurance money comes through to fix broken windows, doors and other fixtures and fittings as well as lost custom and customers who then find another source during your down time or stock shortage and customers you may let down, because you can’t now fulfill their orders.

Also, while closed, staff still have to be paid and overheads don’t stop while you get everything sorted out. Then there can be the emotional cost caused by the induced stress, which can re-triggered when the thieves are caught and you have to give evidence in court.

Click below to see this system in action when robbers attempted to steal from a jewellers

Prevention is always the best way forward
The problem with prevention is that we never get to see, first-hand, how this prevention saves us from all the above but the fact is it does. Weak security systems mat seem to be doing the job, but if you have staff, its easy for them to accidentally inform someone outside the business, who then relay’s this weakness and before you know it the wrong person knows and you find yourself wishing you’d taken the prevention route after all.

Invisible stock Can’t be Stolen
The smoke system uses totally safe materials to ensure no harm comes to living organisms and any stock that is being protected. Once activated the room or area can be filled with this safe fog, which makes it impossible for the burglar to see what they’re doing, leaving them with only one option – leave quickly before police or security arrive.

If you want to see the system in action foiling robbers who try to steal from Jewellers, click here

Click below to see this system in action when robbers attempted to steal from a jewellers

Robbery Being Foiled

Fog Bandit foiling a Real Robbery
As you can see the Fog Bandit is very successful in foiling the robbers as it only takes seconds to make the whole area impossible to see through. As soon as it starts and they realise what’s happening they only have one choice which is to leave empty handed or stay and get caught trying to find their way out.

Is the Fog Harmful?
A question we get asked and the most obvious question to ask is “Is the fog used in the system safe?”

The fog used is not harmful to humans or to any of the valuables.
The fog produced is mainly made from water & food grade glycol and converts 28 millilitres of this fluid to produce 28 Cubic meters of fog!

What type of business can use this system?
The Fog Bandit system is matched to the room or area size so that only the right amount solution is used.

This system has been used in many different fields, including sensitive electronic equipment, pharmacies (mainframe computers), high fashion, Jewellers, stores and more.

If you are interested to find out more, contact us to ask any additional questions and discuss your requirements. 

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Fuzion 4 Raises Funds for Fire Renovation

On 11th July 2015, a fire was deliberately started in St Michael’s Hospice, which left the home unusable until renovations are made. Many businesses, organisations and people around the area have raised and donated funds as well as donate much needed supplies to help the Hospice.

Fuzion 4 also participated in raising money for St Michael’s Hospice with our first (and hopefully not the last) Fun Day.

On the 18th July, 135 Fuzion 4 staff and their families enjoyed an entertaining day. A Bouncy Castle, Bungee Run and Bucking Bronco were the main attractions supported by disco and street dances from the Eastbourne Demo Squad (Pictured Below).

After a long workout on the attractions, a hog roast and a barbeque was laid on to maintain everyone’s energy level.

Fuzion 4 held a raffle in the afternoon with some great prizes that were kindly donated by Fuzion 4 staff. This raised the tidy sum of £350, which was added to the in-house charity fund.

Two of our directors, Russ Keen & Kevin Swaffer proudly handed a cheque to St Michael’s Hospice totalling £600!

We would like to thank everyone who attended making the day very successful and to everyone who has donated to St Michael’s Hospice.

If you would still like to donate, you can do so at this link

CCTV - Cheap But Not So Cheerful

Everyone loves a good bargain. The cheaper it is, the happier it makes you. But when it comes to CCTV, does cheap really make you cheerful?

To answer this question, we first have to look at a couple of options available on the market. One being “cheap and cheerful” and the other a higher ticket item.

Standard Analogue CCTV
Analogue CCTV Systems have become very cheap to buy as there are a lot of providers on the market, but, their picture quality is outdated.

Now analogue CCTV can come with several useful features, including:

Night vision - You can see the burglary happen even on the darkest nights.

Weatherproof cameras - You can catch burglars in the act, even in the unpredictable British weather.

Analogue CCTV can be a good option for small buildings such as houses where the small distances involved can still enable a reasonable and useable video to be recorded. However, Analogue CCTV systems do not offer enough to businesses. When you have to record footage of a larger area, the picture starts to become blurry and grainy. The faces of the burglar cannot be clearly identified and you cannot make out the number plate of the getaway vehicle. This can be vital in catching the burglar.

HD systems are more costly compared to the Analogue System, but offer a better picture quality and more features due to the high picture quality. Some of the additional features of HD CCTV include:

Number Plate Recognition - Some CCTV systems are able to read number plates and then check a database of number plates. If the number plate is on the database, the system can open an automated gate to allow access to the vehicle and deny access to those that are not in the database. This prevents unwanted visitors in and out of working hours.

Item Recognition - The system can monitor a room and if something is removed from the room the system will note the change and send an alert to security or the owner or person responsible for security.   

Smart Tracking - HD CCTV is able to pick up on movement and then track it. If a burglary takes place, the camera will track them so you do not miss a moment, preventing the burglar from being able to hide in blind spots. If they drive up in a car and then get out of the car, the system will continue to track the movement and hence still follows them.

Forensic Detail - HD systems offer a high enough resolution to be able to pick up on facial features and to read car number plates. This is ideal for evidence against the criminal. Quality systems enable you to zoom in and sustain a high image quality.  

Easy to upgrade - Some HD systems use the same cables as analogue systems. This means that new wiring would not have to be installed.

Cheaper pixels - Overall HD CCTV Systems offer more features for your money and are also cheaper per pixel (how the picture quality is measured) than analogue systems.

The question we started with:
Now let’s revisit the question that we asked at the beginning, does cheap really make you cheerful?
The cheaper Standard analogue CCTV has some excellent features, but for a business, the picture quality just doesn’t meet the requirements needed to really protect your business. HD CCTV has a bigger price tag on paper, but compared to analogue, it is far superior with many more features and much higher quality. It is an invaluable tool for securing your business. You cannot put a price tag on the safety and the security of your workforce and contents of your business.

Interested to know more about HD CCTV? Click to watch thisvideo or call us for more information.


In this technological age, CCTV is a highly regarded form of security for a business. According to, in the UK, there is estimated to be 4 million to 5.9 million CCTV Cameras. The advantages of CCTV are obvious. They are a visual deterrent and provide around the clock surveillance.

Your employees can be made to feel safer with CCTV in place, which makes for a happier workforce. You can also monitor the staff, so if a problem ever does occur (for example, a dispute between two colleagues) you can review the footage and get a complete picture of what went on.

Disadvantage of the analogue systems:

However, a lot of CCTV systems have a common disadvantage, they have poor video quality. This is down to the type of systems that are used. These systems are called Analogue CCTV systems. These systems have been around for a long time and we have seen an influx of very cheap systems recently. Like most things these days, you unfortunately get what you pay for.  

Because analogue systems are very cheap, they can be better suited to basic home security than they are for businesses use. With many businesses, there is a wider area to monitor than in a home environment, so you would need a lot more cameras, just to make sure one of the cameras is close enough to see the criminal’s face or record that all important registration number. Another issue is that these systems have limited wireless options and you can usually only connect a maximum of 4 cameras to the system.

So what are the alternatives?

An alternative is High Definition (HD) CCTV.  The biggest advantage that HD CCTV has over Analogue is superior picture quality. Features of the criminals face can be made out and number plates can be read even if you zoom in.  This means the system has a larger line of sight than their analogue counterparts, meaning fewer cameras are required.

Another advantage is that certain HD CCTV Systems (HD over Coax) use the same wiring as Analogue Systems, so upgrading your current system is a lot easier than you might think.

Due to the superior picture quality, a lot more features can be added to HD CCTV systems. One of these features being the ability to read number plates. The system can recognise car number plates and then check them against a database, before opening the gate to the parking area. This can be used to deny access to unauthorized parties in or out of working hours.

As mentioned before, you get what you pay for, but if the system deters, prevents or catches a perpetrator and thereby prevents loss of production, stress of having to spend time with the police, having worried employees, time lost explaining to everyone what’s happened and having to sort out insurance, the extra cost of the HD CCTV over analogue will become insignificant. Also consider they can do so much more than just record what it sees – they can be programmed, they can notice when something is missing, help in process controls by monitoring production and much more.

If you want to find out more about HD CCTV and how it can help your business, watch this video or give us a call to discuss your requirements.

Is Your Business's CCTV System Currently Meeting Legal Requirements?

Who is in charge of changing the time on your CCTV? Does anybody in your company know how to change the time on your CCTV system?

Did you know? It is a legal requirement to make sure that your CCTV displays the correct time and date. If the CCTV footage displays an incorrect time, it could result in the whole case being thrown out of court.

An alarming amount of companies do not change the time on their CCTV systems making them what is essentially an expensive deterrent only.

So why is it such a big deal that the CCTV displays the right time or not?

If the CCTV’s time is out by an hour, a suspect can claim that he was somewhere else when the incident happened. You would have supplied false evidence, thus falsely proving their innocence. The criminal will walk free to commit more crimes.

Imagine that your business had been broken into and thousands of pounds worth of equipment were stolen. Imagine that you have spent all this money on a CCTV system, which has captured the whole incident in full colour. It shows the burglar's face and his getaway vehicle. You would be pretty annoyed at being targeted, but relieved that you have evidence needed to gain a prosecution. Now imagine the agony of being told that the CCTV footage cannot be used as evidence because the time on the CCTV is incorrect. All that time and money you have invested, all gone to waste over a simple thing and what will your insurance company say? They may use it as a reason to not pay up because your system was not properly maintained!

Before you leave this blog, answer these questions
  • Has the clock on the CCTV system ever been changed?
  • Do you even know if it is currently correct?
  • Who is responsible for checking that it has been updated?
  • If someone is responsible for this, what reminders are in place to ensure the update is done?
  • How long would it normally take to realize that the clock has not been changed?
  • Does anyone know HOW to change the clock?
  • Even if you pay for an automated clock, have you checked that it is accurate?
It is also a great idea to set a calendar reminder for the start and the end of the British Summer, time to change the CCTV time for the respective times.

And finally, go and check your CCTV system now to make sure that it has the correct time.

Independent Living and the Collapsing Pyramid

If more people are retiring and living longer, we’ll need more money to look after them and therefore more people working and paying taxes than ever before – BUT . . .

There’s a problem that’s not being talked about, although the Government has already started working on.

Independent living is being pushed today, but why? Unfortunately, as with a lot of things, it’s more about money than what’s good for the individual. The Government has an issue with the growing number of people who are reaching retirement. If the Government were to try and support them all, it’s clear that major economic issues will ensue. 

The Government and Independent Living
For the Government, Independent living is a powerful means of starting the process of managing this looming crisis, as it reduces the funding requirements for care of the elderly and less able, along with raising retirement age.

On a positive note, there are benefits to independent living, as your elderly relative can remain comfortable at home without the hassle moving, where they will be in an alien environment, which is full of strange people they don’t know. If you’re a sibling or a person who keeps an eye on an elderly or disabled person, Independent living puts more pressure on you to keep a close eye on them.

Do you struggle to find time to care for an elderly relative?

Population - Not Enough People
So what is this looming problem? It’s to do with population and it’s not a problem of too many, but too few people.

If you take a look at the video chart above, it scrolls through the years of population’s figures for the UK and what it shows is quite alarming from a ‘self-support’ point of view.

Pyramids Fall Over if . . .
Let’s talk pyramids and I don’t mean Egyptian pyramids, although they have the same problem – if you don’t have a broad enough base, they can’t support themselves and so it is with our population. The growth of the population has slowed and people are living longer, which has resulted in a situation where there are going to be insufficient people working to fund the current infrastructure, including care for the less able and elderly.

The problem is further exacerbated, by the large number of unemployed (many of who are in the younger generation, with some never having worked) and large number of students, all of whom are not paying taxes, but need support from the taxes being paid by the working man. You don’t need to be a great mathematician to see there is a problem which needs to be addressed now as opposed to when we’re drowning in the issues this will create.

The 2 images above show the difference in population between 1971 and 2011. It shows that in 1971, this structure worked as there is sufficient amount of people to support the retired. In 2011, a large quantity of people, many of them currently employed and paying taxes, are soon approaching retirement. So, as they reach retirement age, who will look after them or perhaps a better question is HOW will they be looked after?

How Many Working People?
Out of the 63.8 million population, around 30 million are working, but what’s going to happen when the next bulge on the graph start retiring and we have to rely on a reduced workforce to support a growing, ageing population. To add to the problem, around 50% of the unemployed people are in the younger age bracket which means they are not gaining the experiences needed to become part of a strong workforce that can earn the money to help fund the problem through taxes.

How can we help your relative live independently?

Now, the point of this article is not to talk about what’s likely to happen to taxes and services such as the NHS as we move towards this period in time, but, when looking at these figures, it’s easy to see why independent living is so high on the Government’s agenda – they know they need to reduce possible costs and it’s much easier to start pushing independent living now than in 10 - 15 years time when there will be an explosion in people reaching retirement age.

Technology Can Help
All this means that over the coming years, we will see a change in the way we think about looking after our elderly and part of this will come in the form of technology which can monitor and therefore help create some peace of mind that will enable us to keep living our lives. Technology is already in use, but not on a broad scale, although I suspect this will change over the next 10 – 15 years as we are faced with issues of looking after someone, whilst still working and living busy lives.

To see our approach to helping create some peace of mind for those with independents click here.

6 Independent Living Tips for the Disabled & Elderly

It’s hard letting your disabled child fly the nest and gain their own independence or leaving your elderly parent as their independence fades. You want them to be independent, but you can’t help worrying about if they can or are coping. Here are 6 tips that can help your disabled child or elderly relative, live in a safer home to ease yours and their mind.

1. Smoke and Gas Detectors – This will alert them if they forget about their dinner in the oven or they turn on the gas ring but forget to ignite it. Some Detectors are able to send alerts to your phone, so you can call them to check to see if everything is ok.

2. Flood detection – Home appliances like the washing machine are likely to fail eventually and pipes can start to leak causing some flooding. They may not notice the leak until serious damage has been done or maybe out when it occurs. Having a detector placed near water pipes and washing machines that can alert you through your mobile if a flood is detected can help reduce the amount of damage that would otherwise have been done.

3. Get friendly with the neighbours – You may not have time to visit your child or elderly relative, so making friends with the neighbours could benefit you. They can check on them when you can’t. Also, if a problem arises and you are at work, you can ask the neighbour if they can help out.

4. Home care – You can employ a care company that will go into their home once or twice a day to help them with housework or cooking meals if required. The downside to this is that Home care can be very expensive.

5. Teaching your child about how to live independently – Living on your own is going to be scary no matter who you are as you don’t know what you may have to encounter. Making sure that your child is ready for as many situations as possible will make you feel more at ease. Things that you can teach them could include cooking, cleaning, washing their clothes, dealing with people at the door, paying bills (only if they are capable) and more.

6. A panic button linked to an alarm system, which they can wear, would enable them to alert you or an agency to take appropriate action.

Now that you have prepared your child for independent living, the only thing left to do is buy some tissues for the big moving day.

If you would like to know more about our Careview system, click here for more details

‪Safety ‬‬for the ‪elderly‬‬ begins at ‪‎home‬‬‬‬‬

With advancements in health, people are living longer than ever before, with many living active, robust lives, well into their senior years. The trouble is that as we get older our bodies change, we begin to move slower, our sight deteriorates and we begin to lose some of the core strength needed to maintain balance - even though the mind might think otherwise! A combination of these weaknesses can lead to accidents such as falls, which can cause injury. Many of us have elderly relatives and I'm sure would agree that safety for the elderly is important but fortunately there are plenty of things that can be done to ensure a healthy and active lifestyle is maintained for as long as is practical.

Create A Safe Home:

Continue to enjoy the independence of living in at home. Start by walking around the home and look for potential areas which could become a hazard. Pay attention to things such as stairs, loose electrical cords, slippery areas and dimly lit areas.

Tips for preventing falls:

• Install handrails which run the entire length of the stairs on both sides of the staircase. This should give optimum amount of support when going up and down the stairs. The other option is to get a stair lift, however this an expensive option.

• Add automated lighting to light up rooms when entered. This prevents any hazards that can happen in the dark.

• Install grab bars in the bathroom. Particularly near the toilet and bath/shower. The bars will give extra support to get up.

• Keep stairs and walk ways clear. Trip hazards are a big problem for everyone, but can affect an elderly person more as it is more difficult for an elderly person to get back up.

• Get any chipped or broken flooring fixed. Much like the last point, this could cause a serious trip hazard.

The Government is proactively pushing independent living and this is unlikely to change in the near future, so anything we can do to help safeguard the health and safety of our elderly could save a lot of suffering as well as stress from worrying about the injury they sustained.

We have a system that can help, which can provide alerts direct to your mobile - to find out more about how it works click here.

Light it, Lock it, List it

Burglary isn't just about your stolen property, it’s also about the stress and anxiety it can cause after the event. A burglary will affect people in different ways. After the burglary you can feel frightened when you’re in your own home. Security can make your home safer so you won’t have to go through the emotions of being burgled.

The majority of ‪burglars are opportunists: they look for properties where they think they can enter without being seen and work undisturbed.

Below are three simple actions you can do that should help to deter these types of criminals - Light it, Lock it, List it

Light It:
• Install timed security lighting which stays on throughout the night. If the outside of your home is lit up, it will reveal what the burglar is up to or deter them all together.

• Make sure  your home looks occupied even when it isn't. Use an automatic timer to switch interior lights on and off. The burglar is unlikely to break into a house that is occupied or in this case, looks  occupied.

Lock It:
• Keep your front and back door shut and locked, even when you are home. A burglar may attempt to break into your home whilst you sleep if they see an opportunity.

• Fit window locks and ensure French windows and patio doors are secure. You don’t want to make it easy for the burglar to ruin your day.

• Never leave keys and valuables in reach of a letterbox or windows. A burglar can grab the keys by using an unravelled coat hanger or other long thin objects that will fit through the letterbox.

• Secure your garage and shed too, the contents are just as tempting to a burglar and can be used to enter your home. It only takes seconds for a burglar to pick up a bike.

• If you can, install a burglar alarm and set it EVERY time you leave your home. Have signage to let burglars know that you have CCTV setup in your home. This is the biggest deterrent to a burglar.

List It:
• Install an app on your phone/tablet so items such as phones and tablets can be traced. Put a password on your mobile as well to make it harder for the burglar. 

• List all major objects in your home, take pictures and note unique marks. Consider using a marking system (we will be writing a blog about the different marking systems in the near future) which the police can use to identify your property if stolen.

5 Winter Home Security Tips

Winter is a burglar’s favourite season due to daylight being scarcer. This gives them more cover to be able to break into houses without anybody noticing. A burglar can observe a few things like no lights on to determine if anybody is home.

Here are 5 tips that can help protect your home in the long dark nights of winter:

1. Spare Key 
 Never hide a spare key under the mat or in a flowerpot near the front door. It will be the first place a burglar looks.

2. Keep Your Driveway and Walkways Clear.
Keeping your outdoor walkways clear of ice and snow is important for the sake of safety! Also a build-up of snow may indicate to burglars that no one is home.

REMEMBER no matter what season it is, you should try to make it obvious that your home is lived in! If you're going away, ask a neighbour or relative to clear your driveway.

3. Don't leave your car unattended while warming it up.
It may be tempting to turn your car on and wait inside your warm home, but that gives car thieves a chance to get away with your ride. REMEMBER to never leave your car unlocked and unattended, even for a moment. You may not know who is watching you during your daily routine, and someone with bad intentions, may know you leave your car open for 5 minutes in the morning. Instead keep a pair of gloves and a hat in the glove compartment and be patient while your car heats up.

4. Turn the lights on.
Outside lighting is an extremely useful security measure, especially during the dark winter period. Ensuring that vital areas of the property are well-lit can remove the opportunity for burglars to strike.

5. Go back to basics.
With the darkness providing an extra layer of protection, opportunist thieves get bolder during the winter. For this reason, it's time to get back to basics with your home security. Ensure all doors and windows are locked, even when you are in the property.

REMEMBER to put contingency measures in place for when the property will be unoccupied. For example, ask a neighbour or relative to check on the property while you are away.