Light it, Lock it, List it

Burglary isn't just about your stolen property, it’s also about the stress and anxiety it can cause after the event. A burglary will affect people in different ways. After the burglary you can feel frightened when you’re in your own home. Security can make your home safer so you won’t have to go through the emotions of being burgled.

The majority of ‪burglars are opportunists: they look for properties where they think they can enter without being seen and work undisturbed.

Below are three simple actions you can do that should help to deter these types of criminals - Light it, Lock it, List it

Light It:
• Install timed security lighting which stays on throughout the night. If the outside of your home is lit up, it will reveal what the burglar is up to or deter them all together.

• Make sure  your home looks occupied even when it isn't. Use an automatic timer to switch interior lights on and off. The burglar is unlikely to break into a house that is occupied or in this case, looks  occupied.

Lock It:
• Keep your front and back door shut and locked, even when you are home. A burglar may attempt to break into your home whilst you sleep if they see an opportunity.

• Fit window locks and ensure French windows and patio doors are secure. You don’t want to make it easy for the burglar to ruin your day.

• Never leave keys and valuables in reach of a letterbox or windows. A burglar can grab the keys by using an unravelled coat hanger or other long thin objects that will fit through the letterbox.

• Secure your garage and shed too, the contents are just as tempting to a burglar and can be used to enter your home. It only takes seconds for a burglar to pick up a bike.

• If you can, install a burglar alarm and set it EVERY time you leave your home. Have signage to let burglars know that you have CCTV setup in your home. This is the biggest deterrent to a burglar.

List It:
• Install an app on your phone/tablet so items such as phones and tablets can be traced. Put a password on your mobile as well to make it harder for the burglar. 

• List all major objects in your home, take pictures and note unique marks. Consider using a marking system (we will be writing a blog about the different marking systems in the near future) which the police can use to identify your property if stolen.


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