Robbery Being Foiled

Fog Bandit foiling a Real Robbery
As you can see the Fog Bandit is very successful in foiling the robbers as it only takes seconds to make the whole area impossible to see through. As soon as it starts and they realise what’s happening they only have one choice which is to leave empty handed or stay and get caught trying to find their way out.

Is the Fog Harmful?
A question we get asked and the most obvious question to ask is “Is the fog used in the system safe?”

The fog used is not harmful to humans or to any of the valuables.
The fog produced is mainly made from water & food grade glycol and converts 28 millilitres of this fluid to produce 28 Cubic meters of fog!

What type of business can use this system?
The Fog Bandit system is matched to the room or area size so that only the right amount solution is used.

This system has been used in many different fields, including sensitive electronic equipment, pharmacies (mainframe computers), high fashion, Jewellers, stores and more.

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