They Can’t Steal What They Can’t See

100% success rate in foiling burglary – does such a system exist. The simple answer is yes it does, so how does it work? Again simple it just makes all your stock become invisible to the burglar. Watch the short video to see how it works.

The trouble with burglary is it’s not just the stock they steal (which is covered by insurance), but the time you lose sorting everything out, the money you have to find before the insurance money comes through to fix broken windows, doors and other fixtures and fittings as well as lost custom and customers who then find another source during your down time or stock shortage and customers you may let down, because you can’t now fulfill their orders.

Also, while closed, staff still have to be paid and overheads don’t stop while you get everything sorted out. Then there can be the emotional cost caused by the induced stress, which can re-triggered when the thieves are caught and you have to give evidence in court.

Click below to see this system in action when robbers attempted to steal from a jewellers

Prevention is always the best way forward
The problem with prevention is that we never get to see, first-hand, how this prevention saves us from all the above but the fact is it does. Weak security systems mat seem to be doing the job, but if you have staff, its easy for them to accidentally inform someone outside the business, who then relay’s this weakness and before you know it the wrong person knows and you find yourself wishing you’d taken the prevention route after all.

Invisible stock Can’t be Stolen
The smoke system uses totally safe materials to ensure no harm comes to living organisms and any stock that is being protected. Once activated the room or area can be filled with this safe fog, which makes it impossible for the burglar to see what they’re doing, leaving them with only one option – leave quickly before police or security arrive.

If you want to see the system in action foiling robbers who try to steal from Jewellers, click here

Click below to see this system in action when robbers attempted to steal from a jewellers

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