New Years Resolutions - How To Keep Them

Have you got a New Year's Resolution? They can be incredibly difficult to keep with only around 8% of people actually keeping them. This video will give you a few tips that can help you keep your resolution.


Security Of The Future Is Here Today - Security Gadgets

We were looking at some old videos the other day that were of how people envisioned future technology. what people envisioned future technology would look like, which This raised the discussion of the future that was portrayed in these videos, which wasn’t to far off what we have today. weren't too far off what we have now. We're moving into the smart home era.
We've decided to compile some videos of future security tech that is here already.

BeON Home - Lightbulbs
Tapplock - Fingerprint Padlock

Easylock - Temporary Door Lock

Everykey - Password Wristband

Hide Your Valuables - 10 Cool Stash Gadgets

Are you a novice at hide and seek when it comes to your valuables? here are 10 cool stash gadgets that allow you to hide your valuables in unexpected places the burglar wouldn't think to look.


How Grinch Thieves Stole This Family's Christmas

A family's Christmas was ruined when thieves broke into their home and stole presents from under the tree and in stockings! This video was produced as a warning to others about the risks of not having appropriate security in your home.


Total Home Security Tip Series: Setting Your Alarm

IMAGINE walking into YOUR home and coming face to face with a burglar! AHHHHH! Having to deal with a burglary can be a horrible thing to deal with. This is why we have released this Tip series, to give you tips on protecting your home.

Expect The Unexpected - Shoplifters Using Their Kids!

When it comes to shoplifting, there are no rules. That is why companies should expect the unexpected.
Here are 2 examples of people using their children as a tool for shoplifting!

Family Thief Using Their Son for Shoplifting


Man Using 6 Months Daughter For Shoplifting


Video: Confessions Of A Burglar

This ex-burglar drives around town to show you what he is looking for in houses he will target. He also shows how easy it can be for a burglar to break in and find all your valuables.

How To Calm A Dog During Fireworks

Bonfire Night can be a stressful time for a dog, which can cause peculiar behaviour.
45% of dogs are estimated to be afraid of fireworks, which the RSPCA have said that this is backed up by the number of dogs that run away during firework season. 
This video goes through some do's and don'ts of caring for your dog during fireworks


When CCTV Systems Catch More Than A Burglar

CCTV is great to catch burglars red handed, but sometimes, it may catch something a bit . . . supernatural. This video shows 5 creepy encounters on CCTV.

Remember, sleep tight, turn your CCTV on tonight.


Number 5 - Dover Castle England Ghost Sighting

Number 4 - Ghost Caught On Tape At Saddle Horn Bar

Number 3 - Ghost Sighting England

Number 2 - Ghost Caught On Camera In Japanese Car Park

Number 1 - Ghost Caught On Tape In Florida Cemetery