Crimestoppers & Sussex Police Video on Rural Crime

Rural crime can be perpetrated by opportunists or organised groups of criminals who travel the countryside specifically targeting rural locations.
The National Rural Crime Survey undertaken in 2015 by the National Rural Crime Network has estimated that the cost of rural crime to the rural economy could be as high as £800m.
This video goes through what you can do to help combat crime in rural areas. 

Why House Fires Spread So Quickly

With the recent tragic events at Grenfell Tower, fire safety has become more of a concern to many people, but if the unthinkable did ever happen, would you know what to do to get out of the burning building?

Suitcase Security Secure-it

With the holiday season here, security tends to be put to one side for fun in the sun. Unfortunately, burglars are always on the lookout for any opportunity. This video shows how a burglar can steal from your suitcase with only a ballpoint pen.


Think like a burglar! - Tip Video

IMAGINE walking into YOUR home and coming face to face with a burglar! AHHHHH! Having to deal with a burglary can be a horrible thing to deal with. This is why these ex-burglars have given tips to help protect your home.