Bonfire Safety

Bonfire period can be one of the most dangerous times of year for young people.  
Although the film is a dramatization, it shows events that have actually taken place in Merseyside around the Bonfire period. 

5 More Creepy Things Caught on Camera

Last year, we linked a video to 5 creepy occurrences caught on camera. So, here are 5 more scary clips.


Here is last year's video - Click Here

Creative Office Protection - Fog Bandit

Here is a test of a creative security system that can protect an office, home or shop within seconds!

Will Your Dog Protect Your Home From a Burglar?

Many people seem to think that their home is safe because they have a dog to guard their home. But, how will they really react when faced with a burglar? This video tests 3 family homes that have pet dogs to see how they react.